intro & bio

I have been very blessed in having the opportunity to have worked with innovative farmers in the Southeast and the Delta, from Texas to Maine. It started in 1989 when I was hired by Eric Pierce (Pierce Farms, Farmville, N.C.)  to manage their first cotton crop since the sixties. I sourced Sprayrite equipment from Helena, AR.

In the fall of 1990, I was hired by Bert Dixon to manage his first cotton crop. This was when I first built my row unit attachments. In the fall of 1991, I signed a contract to represent Orthman in Georgia and the Carolinas. This was a tremendous opportunity for me. 

I published my first publication, The 21ST CENTURY FARMER in February of 1997 showing some of the farmers I had worked with.  

Starting with farmers Danny Kornegay and Hodge Kitchin in 1991 I have been able to utilize farm shops and resources to developing cutting edge innovations in conservation tillage, cotton stalk cutting and root pulling, tobacco flower trimming and hooded spraying and my latest project cone rolling. 

I was fortunate to begin building cone rollers for the TriEst Ag Group in 2014 to seal in fumigant. I was able to do this with Joel Boseman (Boseman Farms, Goldrock, N.C.), allowing me to use his shop and old equipment in the bushes. Fisher Family Farms, JB Rose and Sons Farms and Dawson Brothers Farms purchased cone rollers in 2015. 

Clifton Dixon's approach to machinery is simple: if he can't find what he wants, he makes something.

He adapted the row incorporator at right from a four-row rolling cultivator (1991)